Ohmigod, I’m a… lesbian!!!

I was just walking up to work and passed a block of flats. There was a rather ordinary looking cat in the window ignoring me and I thought "Oooh, what a lovely cat. It might be nice to have a cat as a pet."

Doomed, doomed! Fancying women is fine, but the cat thing is scary.

5 Replies to “Ohmigod, I’m a… lesbian!!!”

  1. Did you send this to me on purpose? My PC faces around 10 people, who are now all questioning my sexuality. perhaps i will wear my dungarees on friday.

    ahem. more gossip thats what i say.

    er, though, a cat? domesticity here we come. we need to talk.

  2. You’re a bit allergic to cats, remember? That’s why you said no all those times I asked for one.

    Omigod. Did I just…. ?

  3. Does that mean that we don’t have to hide Fluffy and Fluffier in the loft anymore when you come and visit?

  4. Fear not basic cat admiration — you’ve a serious problem only when you sip tea and hum Melissa Etheridge tunes while gazing fancifully at your kitten-printed wallpaper. Fancying women is good; wallowing in stereotypical habits is bad.

    Take it from me, a former rugby player.


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