Just call me Jamima

The gas bill hilarity continues. This morning I recieved two further letters from London Electricity. They’ve stopped calling me James, which is nice, but now I’m Jamima. And the name change seems to have prompted them to think I am setting up a new Direct Debit. Bizarre.

But the really interesting bit was in the second letter. Remember, I’m currently paying £38 a month and they wanted to put it up to £240 until I phoned them a couple of days ago. Now they are saying

“We need to change your Direct Debit to £19.00”

Now, that’s more like it! And they are going to credit my account with £270 for the insane amount of money we’ve been overpaying.

It occured to me that we’re in this fine mess as a result of some mistakes that were made with our account when we first moved here where they just failed to ask us for any money for months on end. And the fact that the first winter here was when we were flooded, so we had the heating on full blast to dry out our flat and compensate for the heat loss due to lack of carpets. Oh, happy days.

Still, £270 should get quite a lot of skateboard gear!