Birthday fun

It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, Sarah and I went to Brighton yesterday and had a lovely meal with Céline, Charlotte and Paula. Paula, Sarah and I headed down in the early afternoon and wandered the lanes in search of skateboarding protective gear and anything else that took our fancy. Then we met up with Céline and Charlotte for mexican food before heading off to a pub for a drink with Beth.

On our way to the pub, we stopped for cash and saw an unattended bag. I called the police, which gave Sarah an opportunity to take a rather out of focus picture of the Brighton Pavilion.

Sarah and I rounded off the evening by staying at Nineteen, a very cool hotel in central Brighton. The bed we stayed in was based on a construction of glass bricks, with a light inside, so the bed glows blue. It’s amazing.

This morning, Sarah and I went to spend the kitchenwares voucher that Céline, Charlotte, Beth and Anna got me for my birthday. We bought some very cool things indeed. We got a shiny draining rack, some egg cups (Sarah’s been trying to persuade me we need these for years), some decadant fridge magnets and not one, but two pastry brushes. One for pastry and one for brushing out the coffee grinder! :-D Oh, I’m a happy little bunny.

Thank you to everyone who made it such a nice day!

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