Food poisoned

On Wednesday, I ate a lot. As far as I remember, I had: cereal; Pret tuna and roast vegetables ‘open’ sandwich; apricots; chocolate; Chinese crispy aromatic duck; a yoghurt; and some crisps. I also drank lots of water, a fizzy elderflower and grape thing, and some of Sarah’s gin and tonic.

On Wednesday night, I threw up a lot. It was really really not pleasant.

On Thursday, I didn’t eat much at all. By the end of the day, I’d managed: a small bottle of Lucozade; a pint of water; a banana (eaten in very small mouthfuls throughout the day); and about 10 teaspoons of plain yoghurt. I’d also spent the whole day in bed trying to recover and let my body get some of the sleep it had missed the night before. Unfortunately, I was conscious for You and Yours. I really really don’t like being ill (but Sarah did very well looking after me).

Now it’s Saturday, and the world is seeming a little less daunting, but please don’t come near me with any tuna!