Kitchen obsession

I have taken a week off to do DIY. Is this sad, or a good way to spend my time? Either way, it’s the end of day one and Sarah and I are still speaking, so it can’t be all bad. Today we managed to fix our worktops to the walls and to put up our cupboards. We are oiling our worktops with Danish Oil, and the worktops just lap it up. It’s great. The sink now works, which is very good indeed. Following last week’s saga with the illegal gas fitter, Sarah managed to get a good guy to come around and plumb in our washing machine and sink. it’s wonderful to have running water in the kitchen. He’s coming back tomorrow to fit our hob and our oven. I am really looking forward to being able to cook and give the takeaways a miss for a while. I think my bank balance may look happier when I’m not ordering food every night. Although we are now so well known by the Indian take away people that we get free food and drink thrown in. Scary.

Still to do:
choose tiles, buy tiles and put up tiles;
choose flooring, buy flooring and lay flooring;
buy blind and put up blind;
box around pipes;
buy wood for shelves and make shelves;
put in final worktop;
oh, I have to stop. The list is too long and we only have five days. Gulp.

West Wing is on tonight. Channel 4 seem to have decided to hide West Wing from all the fans who failing to get E4. For all I know, that may only be me. They started by putting it on Saturday nights, which is fine for me, but isn’t exactly prime time for such things. And now they’ve moved it to 11ish on a Monday night. Now, that’s a really dead slot. And they haven’t promoted the move, making it really hard to find out when it’s on. As a result, I’ve just subscribed to Time Out in the hope that such things will be easier to find.

I’ve also just bought tickets for Laura Cantrell, who’s playing the Union Chapel on May 1st. I can hardly wait. Maggie called to let me know and to also offer tickets for Chris Barber at the 100 Club next Wednesday. Hurrah! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard some decent jazz.

Must go as I’m still in my work clothes and I could really do with getting into something cleaner.