3rd of the 3rd of the 3rd

One hundred years ago today my grandfather and his twin were born. On the third day of the third month in the third year of the 20th Century. My grandfather died quite a few years ago, but his twin died only a few months ago. It’s an odd date, and the association has been slightly strange all day.

In more mundane news, we’re doing up our kitchen and it’s exhausting. So far, we’ve been at it a week and our kitchen is a shell filled with dust, grime, bumpy walls, a cooker, a washing machine, a fridge and a sink. This evening Sarah and I stripped the wallpaper from one wall and then re wallpapered it. It’s very lumpy, but it’s not all our fault. At the weekend, we went to great efforts to un-Artex the ceiling. It turns out there’s a product called Covertex, made by the same people who make Polyfilla, designed for such a purpose. First, you go around the room knocking off the peaks of the Artex. Then you take a paint roller and apply the Covertex to the ceiling. Then you take a plasterer’s float (flat thing) and smooth it off. Then, when the whole thing is dry, you sand it to make it properly flat. Does this sound easy? Well, it’s not.

We went to wonderful Ikea, which is a new discovery for us. We got so excited by the place we bought our kitchen there. And now we know pretty much all of their stock a little too well. I also have an intimate knowledge of online home appliance shops. We went for a Neff hob and oven because they are shiny, they seem to have a good reputation, and the hob has dials at the front that have the sparker incorporated in the dial (I’m such a sucker for things like that). I’m hoping they will arrive tomorrow.

I also know more than is healthy about sinks. You can spend anything from £35 to £600 on a sink. Granted, the expensive ones do look nice and are called ‘professional’, but I think I’ll stick with one that’s less than £100.

Our heating is doing an odd thing. We think the timer is failing to register one of the little pegs that tells it when to go on and off, which means that it sometimes comes on at night and doesn’t come on when we think it should. It’s taken a few days of luke warm water and hot nights (alternating with the water doing what it should) to reach this conclusion, and I’m not at all sure about how to fix it.

At work, last week I finally launched the new PSI website. This was what kept me from writing a diary entry. The site is built using ASP (JavaScript) and an Access database on an IIS server. Talk about a recipe for disaster. The technology tries to be clever, but frankly it’s so riddled with bugs it’s hard to fathom. I spent an hour or so at the weekend working with MySQL and PHP on Apache and my spirits soared as I used technology that actually works. To a certain extent I’ve made things harder for myself by also building a mini production system that utilises the extraordinarily buggy Editize, but really it’s the Microsoft products that I hate.

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  1. The sink is outside the front door.
    The cooker is in the sitting room.
    The cutlery is in the bedroom.
    The iron is in the office.

    This is wierd.

  2. Ooooooh, it gets worse with plumbers. Had some rogue cowboy in the house, had to boot him out. Nice bloke, but turned out to be totally unqualified, sent by his boss with whom I had arranged the work, and he lied to me, then it turned out his boss wasn’t even Corgi registered either, even though he told me he was. They advertise in Yellow Pages as Corgi registered, but it ran out and isn’t being replaced. And he quoted too much and offered to waive VAT if I gave him cash. I knew there was trouble when he said he thought Pimlico Plumbers were good…

    Anyway, now have been saved by the nice plumber from before who is doing a grand job.

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