Broken Windows

Yesterday, in a fit of enthusiasm and housekeeping, I uninstalled some software I don’t use from my Windows 2000 machine. Today, I am writing to you from another computer, as access to the Win2k machine is denied. Oh, the joys of Microsoft technology. I am currently trying to ‘repair’ my login functions with the use of four floppy disks and an incredible amount of patience. It’s not working. The best bit, though, is that as I switched on my computer yesterday evening I remarked to Sarah that I really must back it up, and that I’d been really lax about that recently. At which point, the computer displayed a bright blue screen and told me I had a problem. Stuck on the machine is: all my email; financial records; lots of website work; and the normal detritus of an average computer user. I REALLY hope I get it working again.

Job update

As you know, last week was my first week in a new job. I’m happy to report that the people are all still lovely, and the job looks like it’ll be interesting, challenging and achievable. Here’s hoping, anyway.

"Read that, bitch!"

The above is probably the poorest bit of script writing in the latest James Bond film, which I had the pleasure of seeing at the weekend. I’m a huge Bond fan, enjoying the combination of innuendo violence and implausible plot wrapped up in a 12a rating. Perfect. The latest, Die Another Day, lives up to expectation for the most part. The script has it’s lows, and the product placement is very obvious, but there are cool gadgets (including an invisible car) to keep you going.

Interestingly, James is joined in this adventure by a female version of himself. An independent, violent, sexually charged black woman who works for, I think, the US Government. Unlike previous Bond babes, I got the feeling that this woman would give him a run for his money, and he treated her as an equal, which spells progress to me.

Striking firefighters

Last week saw an 8 day firefighters’ strike in the UK and I’m having trouble working out how I feel about it all. The firefighters (not "firemen" as the London Underground seem to insist on calling them) want a 40% pay rise, to take their pay up to about £30,000. It seems that most people have no problem at all with the thought of the £30,000 in principle, it’s just how to achieve it without killing the economy that seems to be the problem. A key area of argument has been over "modernisation", which the employers and the government want to go alongside a pay rise. As I understand, this is partly to prevent every other part of the public sector from striking for more money. The firefighters’ union claims that modernisation actually means fewer firefighters and, by implication, more babies and pensioners dying in their beds. Like I say, I don’t know how I feel about it all, so insights would be welcome.

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  1. On the subject of firefighters: last week they compared how French and British firefighters fare. Basically, French firefighters do a lot more for a lot less money (even without the 40%increase). And they’re happy and there are too many applications for the jobs each year. The trick is: they’ve got bigger, louder, flashier trucks (I think, but please keep in mind I was 6 last time I saw one) and a real hero status (women fainting at the mere sight of them, etc.).
    My conclusion is: make them feel like they’re real-life action men and they’ll be happy.

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