New job!

Superstition prevented me from mentioning this sooner, but I’ve got a new job. I started today at the Policy Studies Institute as Website and Publications Manager. Or is it Publications and Website Manager? Any which way, you get the picture. I manage some publications and some websites… Many thanks to Céline (not Cèline) for her kind comment on the site, which cheered me up hugely. Everyone at the new place seems very nice, and the first day nerves were calmed by some reassuring words from my mother and sister. I went for the interview the week before last, and was offered the job pretty soon after. The quick start means I get a handover with the person who’s been temping in the post, who’s hugely efficient and very nice, so it’s all good. She goes on Thursday, so I expect to be writing some panicky words by next week.

Birthday trauma

It’s Sarah’s birthday on Thursday. She’s asked for a series of computer games, none of which are out yet. This has left me with something of a dilemma so ideas are more than welcome. I’ve tried to convince her that she wants a digital camera, or a minidisc recorder, or that nice wok, but she’s seen through my cunning plan and realised that these are all things I actually want. Still, worth a shot. The worst thing is that Sarah is to have some hard-core work done on her tooth on the morning of her birthday, so it’s very possible she’ll want to do nothing but sleep and whimper in the evening.

Archers madness

Right now, I’m listening to The Archers on the Radio 4 website. I’m waiting for the moment when Jennifer finds out about Brian’s scandalous affair with Siobhan, and their resultant child. Earlier this week we got Debbie, Brian’s daughter, discovering her husband Simon mid-fling with his latest woman. And now we have to listen to the hypocrisy of Brian getting outraged about Simon’s behaviour. Quite a sex-crazed place, that Ambridge. And quite a sad woman, that Jemima :-)

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