Domestic bliss

Thirty years of commitment

I’ve just returned from celebrating my parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary. We had a lovely meal in the family home and drank champagne. My father cooked the meal that my mother bought, and we discussed home decorating, problems at work and finance in a true family style. The catch? They’ve been divorced for about twenty years. Bizzare as it may seem, they’ve stayed friends and their relationship is still worth celebrating. Quite an evening.

White is the new blue, darling

At the weekend, Sarah and I painted our sitting room white. We admitted to each other a while ago that neither of us liked the blue that we had on the walls, so we’re trying for white until we come up with something better. I’m quite coming round to it because it shows off the lovely black and white Kandinsky that we’ve got framed. The next stage is to build the shelves, and Sarah is on the case getting the wood in and designing the construction. The hope is that the wood will add some colour and warmth to the room, and somewhere to put all our lovely books. With luck the shelves will get done in the next few weeks. The thing that Sarah is really hankering after is a multicoloured rug ("Patch" if you want to be precise) that we saw in Habitat. Hugely expensive, and possibly utterly inappropriate in the room, but gorgeous none-the-less.

Preparation is everything

The finale to the weekend of home improvements was putting up a picture in the bedroom. We’ve got a colourful Kandinsky print, which we framed recently, and it looks wonderful in the bedroom. The problem is getting it on the wall. I decided that I wanted it above the bed and set about persuading Sarah that I was right. It took a while to persuade her, mostly because Sarah didn’t want to drill in the wall above the bed for fear of getting brick dust everywhere. Eventually, though, she agreed I was right and I said I’d get the area ready. So, I found a couple of dust sheets and spent about half an hour preparing the area, sticking the sheets to the wall with masking tape, moving things from around the bed and so forth. Then, Sarah plugged in her drill, stood on the bed, drilled for about four seconds, screwed in the screw for about a minute, and that was it. Then I tidied up. I suspect I may have got the raw end of that little project. The picture looks great, though.

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