Oddness with Google

Despite the fact that only about three sites in the whole world link to this website, I’m getting a scarily large number of hits from random Google searches. I’ve heard talk of Google changing their software to improve accuracy, but I think they may have gone somewhat off course somewhere. So far, I’ve been Google’s choice for:

  • "West Wing" (I’m a fan, but…)
  • "Surf 107" (on the CV)
  • "Time Management System" (no idea)
  • "Mardi Gras Pictures" (one picture, just one)
  • "Going to a gym" (yes, I do…)
  • "Pictures of Sarah" (ahem!)
  • "Digital Camera" (still not got one)
  • "How to do the back stroke" (well, I do know, but I haven’t explained it here)
  • "diy spiral staircase" (huh?)