I’ve not been well

It’s all been a bit quiet on the writing front ’cause I’ve been feeling a bit out of it. I’ve been feeling dizzy for the past 3 weeks, and it’s getting much better now, but isn’t 100% yet. I went to the gym one day when I felt better, and it all got lots worse. According to the doctor, it’s probably a virus. This sounds right because Sarah’s had a similar thing. The worst thing about it, though, is it’s hard to get up the energy to do stuff. So, not much writing, not much dynamic job hunting, and not much of all those activities which make life interesting and worthwhile. I might try the gym tomorrow, just to see if it (or rather I) works or not. On the plus side, though, I briefly thought it might be caffiene related, or to do with the slight deafness in one of my ears. So, the fear was I’d have to either stop drinking coffee (!) or it would never go away (!!!). I’m hopeful that neither of these things are true ;-)