West Wing addiction

I think it’s time to come clean, stop trying to hide from my problem, and admit that, yes, I am a West Wing addict. It started innocently enough in Series 1, when I’d watch regularly, but was perfectly happy to go out and see friends instead. As the series went on, I found myself getting drawn in, waiting for the next episode, thinking about it at odd times, wondering about story lines. I’d tape episodes if I was going out, and sometimes just not go out at all. Then, at the end of Series 1, there was the cliff hanger. Was the President shot? Who was hurt? What happened? At which point I knew I was trapped and ran out to buy OnDigital to get E4 and watch Series 2 starting that same week.

Then we had the break from West Wing, until Series 2 came to Channel 4 and, of course, I watched them all again. And now that’s over and, horror or horrors, with OnDigital gone bust, I don’t have access to the excitement of Series 3 which started last night on E4. I went as far as finding out about getting Sky, but even I realised three hundred pounds for a series of the West Wing is a little excessive, especially as I’m out of work. I’ve been making calls and sending emails in an attempt to find someone with access to E4, but to little avail. There are a few leads, sure, but it doesn’t look too promising. It’s increasingly looking like I’ll have to wait a year for the series to reach normal old Channel 4. So, I’ve gone cold turkey. And boy, does it hurt.