I finally got to see City Hall

Having spent all week trying to get to the top of City Hall, the newest of London’s public buildings, I finally got there today. It was almost worth the wait. The view from the 9th floor is fantastic, especially as you can see my flat :-) The chamber looks like a boring European parliament, but the architechture is interesting. Comparisons with the Guggenheim museums are not unreasonable. I took pictures and the film is being developed as I type. I also had lunch in the cafe on the Lower Ground floor, where the food is very reasonably priced but nothing to shout about.

If you missed the saga about me trying to get to see the darn thing, read more…

So, City Hall opened about 100 metres from my flat. I love exciting new achitecture and public buildings so obviously I dashed straight down there. So far:

  1. Monday evening: It’s open to the public on Tuesday
  2. Tuesday afternoon: I got into the building and saw the nice map of London. What I really want, though, is access to the 9th floor with the views of London. Got to the 9th floor but was turned away as they were closing for a function.
  3. Wednesday evening: This time I got as far as the lifts before being turned away. "We’ve just closed for a function. We’re open all the time, apart from when we have functions. No, I don’t know when the functions are". Getting annoyed now.
  4. Thursday afternoon: Get as far as the lifts to discover, suprisingly, "We’ve just closed for a function…."

I’m now trying to work out how to get invited to a function.