Digital camera

I’m hankering after a digital camera.

Points in favour of getting one

  1. I can put nice pictures on the website faster
  2. It might work out cheaper than buying film and paying for devloping pictures
  3. I’m not very good at taking pictures, so I can experiment more immediately
  4. I can get good pictures turned into ‘real’ pictures through the Jessops website

Points against:

  1. It’s expensive
  2. I already have a perfectly decent camera
  3. I might get bored with it and never use it…

Suggestions for good cameras would be nice :-)

2 Replies to “Digital camera”

  1. What about buying a really good scanner? Then you can scan normal photos. If you get a digital camera, you’ll probably end up getting a good colour printer as well, because there’s nothing like going round someone’s house and showing them your holiday snaps. Not quite the same if you’re asking where you can plug in your laptop…

  2. I think you should just splash out on a funky one – you say that if you buy one, you might never use it, well if it’s expensive enough, then you’ll be driven to get your money’s worth! that always been my theory on shopping

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