Who’s Jemima?

Cartoonist at Excitable Dog

I draw silly pictures and sometimes make things people can buy.

Non-executive Director at Jessica Kingsley Publishers

My emphasis is on digital opportunities, developing staff and strengthening culture, and making internal processes flow seamlessly.

Taekwondo instructor

I’m a 3rd Dan with the Traditional Taekwondo Association, and an instructor at TTA Southwark.

Spinning off from that, with my partner Sarah and I run Kick T-shirts, designing and making high quality t-shirts with positive martial arts messages on them.


I’ve tried, but I just can’t get myself to care about football. I enjoy virtually all other sports, though, so I built this for my BBC sports news: BBC sports headlines without the football – footyfree.bojates.com


This blog, updated erratically, generally with a focus on society, technology or the web.

“Bojates” is a word I invented in my childhood. It’s friendly and familiar and roughly translated means “Hello! Good to see you!”.

And available for work

Full professional details on LinkedIn if you want to know more, or just contact me.